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Restaurants, hairdressers, cafeterias, bike shops and more: every branch has its own checkout systems that are tailored to meet their specific requirements. What’s the core concept behind Hamburg-based startup Billmorro? A checkout app that works across different industries, enabling it to reach a wide target audience. The smart app can be used to record transactions in a central location easily and intuitively across various end devices and forward this data directly to the tax office.

The assignment

To develop an intuitive app-based user interface and a corresponding corporate design.

Our services

UX/UI design, corporate design, copywriting, web design


Don’t take your time


For small businesses, introducing a new checkout system is an extremely time-consuming task. The requirements were obvious to us: if the app is to be successful, it has to be easy to install, the user interface has to be immediately clear and operation has to be lightning fast. A positive user experience can make or break a new product, which is why we created a straightforward, clear-cut design based on intuitive clickstreams and simple processes.


Bright, Bold, Billmorro


The corporate design followed the principles of the user interface. The main symbol is a stylised “B”, which is reminiscent of the chip on a bank card and also serves as a link to the payment process. This symbol is the starting point for a system of patterns and strong colours, resulting in a distinctive style that can be utilised across media formats.


Check me out, Baby


Customers first come into contact with Billmorro via its website. The product has to make enough of an impression on the customer that they get in contact with the company, request a trial or start a subscription. Companies often only have one chance to get this right. This is why we opted to clearly set out the benefits of the product for the user, and adopted a style of communication and a friendly tone of voice that puts the company and the customer on the same level.


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