Corporate Design uses smart traffic routing to reduce latency in its customers’ internet connections. In other words, the startup serves as a kind of navigation system for the World Wide Web. The company’s target group includes major streaming portals such as Netflix, whose services are directly dependent on quick, flexible data paths.

The assignment

To develop an appealing corporate design and a smart user interface for the routing tool.

Our services

Corporate design, UX/UI design, web design, illustration.


Navigating the net at lightning speed allows users to navigate the internet at high speed through the use of optimised routes. This is why we developed a symbol that consolidates the key USPs into a single identifiable shape: the three arrows stand for speed, the system of intersecting paths stands for routing, and the letter D stands for Datapath. Logo

The quickest route to


In addition to designing a company stand to be used at trade fairs and conferences, we developed a range of promotional and display materials – featuring various pithy remarks about virtual spaces – that are specifically intended to address the company’s tech-savvy target group.


How can I explain this to you?


To explain the complexities of traffic routing in the simplest possible manner, we employ animated infographics that appear on the website, in explanatory videos and in slide shows.


Form follows function


After logging in to, the customer has access to their own routing tool. This is the core feature of the application: it is where the user can determine how they wish to optimise their connections. As there is a huge range of settings – and many of them are complex – our priority when conceiving and designing the user interface was to make it understandable, with intuitive clickstreams and the ability to quickly receive assistance and answers to questions.


All key information in one click


The same philosophy applies to the company’s online presence: this complex product has to be explained quickly and clearly, the benefits have to be presented in a straightforward manner, and the company should be able to provide the best service on the internet in the event of any questions. The aim is to convert interested parties into trial users and, ultimately, into permanent users.


“Arndt Benedikt is a reliable and highly diligent agency that we are extremely pleased to work with.”

Sascha Coldewey,  founder of

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