Nestled in the heart of the Rhine-Main area, the city of Hanau is one of the largest sites in the world for materials engineering. Companies such as Heraeus, Evonik and Goodyear are all based here, and manufacture innovative components that are used in high-tech products. The problem: virtually nobody is aware of this fact. As a result, Hanau has something of an image problem when it comes to recruiting top engineers. A campaign designed in collaboration with Hanau Wirtschaftsförderung (a local economic development agency) and the six largest companies in the area is aiming to change Hanau’s image.

The assignment

To portray Hanau as an innovative industrial hub and make it attractive for young professionals.

Our services

Campaign concept, campaign design, claim, copywriting, implementation


Focusing on the product to reach the goal


The ‘high-tech universe’ serves as the core element of the campaign. We developed this idea based on the vehicle registration plate abbreviation for Hanau: HU. The high-tech universe is home to six global players in the materials engineering industry. From their base in Hanau, they manufacture a range of innovative products that are used around the world. The campaign framework that we developed highlights the products that elicit the most emotive response and the benefits they provide for consumers. The goal: to show exciting products and attractive working environments to discerning job applicants and invite them to get involved.


Standing out amid the flood of images


We opted to present the products in the form of strong illustrations rather than working with actual photos. We wanted to set the promotional materials apart from the usual glossy photos of smiling faces and slick products. As a result, we relied on bright colours and a distinctive style of illustration. This style is consistently used across all media formats.


Shining the spotlight on students


Students from technical and scientific backgrounds are the primary target group, which is why the campaign was designed to be rolled out in technical universities. The fixed campaign plan ensures that the students encounter various facets of the high-tech universe – both online and offline. A landing page serves as a central hub through which users can access more information and view current vacancies.


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