Corporate Design


The pharmaceuticals company Heel is a pioneer of scientifically based natural medicines. Heel specialises in the development and manufacture of medicines using all-natural ingredients. As a long-standing client, Heel have employed us not only to plan and implement a total design overhaul, but also to take the lead as their agency of choice for corporate design going forward.

Corporate Design Elements


Along with a Logo facelift, we developed a totally new set of design elements, in a multi-stage redesign process. A core element of this new corporate design is a laterally shifting colour scheme from green to blue. It stands for the connection between natural medicine and scientific research, which Heel exemplifies.


Corporate Website


The corporate website for Heel has a whole new look, with an emphasis on user-friendliness and accessibility. Because along with the main site there are many regional ones, we built a modular system that makes it easy for a user to switch to their respective region.




A big part of the process was creating a visual world that has a uniform presence from the top down, and that evenly shows off all the constituent areas of Heel’s work.

»What do we expect from a design agency? Creativity and energy in the concept-phase, professionalism and quality in the implementation, as well as transparency and reliability in project management. On top of all that: Sensitivity and an instinct for what the company needs. These principles are why we have worked with Arndt Benedikt for many years.«

Andrea Himmelsbach-Neff, Head of Corporate Communications at Heel




The full corporate design plan is published internally and externally on a fixed schedule. One of the first of these releases was the new display- and campaign-style.


Good design follows good health.

Let’s keep going!