Corporate Design


Logistics4Pharma is a fledgling full-service provider of logistics products for the pharmaceutical industry. While there are still substantial margins to be gained in the market for transporting highly sensitive goods, competition is fierce. Logistics4Pharma’s vision is to stand up to the major competitors in the sector. Its efforts are based on comprehensive expertise in logistics along with specialist infrastructure and equipment. L4P wants to establish its presence in this market – which often follows rather traditional conventions – through its own unique approach to customers and a new, fresh corporate design.

The assignment

To create a presence that breaks with the habits of the sector and makes the company appear youthful and energised while still maintaining the impression of absolute sincerity.

Our services

Brand strategy, corporate design, corporate wording, digital experience, editorial design, animation


Packaging is everything


When transporting sensitive goods, packaging – the smallest element – is one of the most important. This is what we focused on when working on the corporate design concept. Taking the hexagonal base element that L4P uses as its logo, we created a three dimensional box from which a complex visual world is created. In terms of content, real images are added as a trust element, showing quality scenes of people in action, modes of transport and equipment.


Hello, we are…


The priority for the next five years is to acquire new customers. L4P will take advantage of a combination of conferences, pitches and presentations to present itself as a new logistics provider that is a breath of fresh air to the industry. As an opener to the presentation, we created and animated a video that illustrates the USPs of L4P via a trip through the visual world of the company.




We designed a high-standard brand book to be used as a unique acquisition tool. As well as a calendar and notebook, it contains key data about the sector. Information such as time zones, symbols for hazardous materials and maritime boundaries provides genuine added value for the user and ensures L4P is always at the forefront of customers’ minds.


“If you think about it, Arndt Benedikt is not so different to us. It is an up-and coming company that offers a fresh, spirited approach to its area of expertise. It also has something that I’ve never experienced in an agency before: the ability to remain grounded in reality at all times. The team and its way of doing business are perfect for us. In just a short space of time, Arndt Benedikt has made quite an impact in multiple areas.”

Manuel Zollondz, CEO at Logistics4Pharma


What we believe


A corporate website is the central point of contact for customers, which is why the user experience has to convey this sentiment properly. The same applies to the service provided later as part of transport processing. Quick, dynamic, transparent and simple – all while taking pleasure in the task at hand. This is why we paid special attention to creating a quick, clear user experience and 100% technical implementation.


Seeing hexagons?

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