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p|pes conference

Now there is the perfect format for everyone from the deep tech world who wants more data and even more technology: From now on, the p|pes conference will take place as a sister event during the OMR Festival. The ambitious goal has been clearly set: The special and very demanding tech nerd audience needs ultimate entertainment and to be provided with the latest tech insights. The corporate design which we developed moves precisely in this field of tension between entertainment and information, leaving no eye in the room dry.

The assignment

Development of an appearance that clearly stands out artistically and visually from the usual look of tech conferences.

Our services

Corporate design, event design, webdesign, animation




Pipes, as the name suggests, are about how data gets from A to B. Consequently, the core elements of the appearance are elaborate illustration worlds that show this data flow. In keeping with the aim of the event, this is done in an entertaining and sometimes somewhat absurd way. The reason for this is the concept of the Rube-Goldberg machine on which the illustrations are based. This idea can also be found in the computer game “The Incredible Machine” from the 90s and forms a bridge to the tech world and a reference to the conference claim. As a house font, we only use a monospaced font in a single typeface. The word mark was also developed from this font. This creates another parallel to the tech scene: the familiar representation of source code.


Nerd meets supernerd


The extremely pointedly tailored offer is for an audience with a
sound background in engineering and data. In order to meet their demands, the speakers are recruited exclusively from the top level
of data and machine learning companies.

Lanyard - Flyer

Enjoy, click and book


The Pipes motto also applies to the website: entertainment and information. The extensively used illustrations are now animated and really get the data flowing. At the same time, the website remains
clear and straight. Interested parties can quickly and easily find out more about the offerings and the speakers. The integrated booking tool ensures fast conversion without unnecessary clicks.


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