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Say Yes

Say Yes! is a completely novel chili sauce that comes from Brazil and, under a different name, already has a large market share there. Its taste is so sensational that its discoverers immediately knew: This sauce has to come to Europe. Because Say Yes! adds spiciness and an incredible taste to almost every favorite dish. Market entry is being achieved via two channels: Through targeted sales into the food service distribution sector and through online sales. But how does this brand have to look for this plan to succeed? Here’s the answer.

The assignment

To build a chili brand which is relevant for the European market and which gets the mega-trend “spicy food” out of the ”Asia“ and “TexMex“ corner.

Our services

Brand development, brand management, naming, positioning, claim, corporate design, website, packaging


Every day: hot and spicy!


One passion informed our positioning process: Almost every one of us likes spicy food. So the USP of Say Yes! soon became clear. In addition to its crisp but palatable spiciness, the sauce’s unique taste goes with almost every kind of food and transforms it into something entirely new. The positioning was influenced by our determination to think outside the box: There are no categories such as Indian, Mexican or For Steaks Only and For Men Only. The brand only communicates in a positive way and promises a “Yes!” to Spiciness for Everyone. At best every day!


The target group is what counts


When the first batch of newly branded sauces arrived at the port of Hamburg, we organized a launch event at which numerous testers from the core target group were able to taste the sauces. In addition to getting valuable feedback on the new brand, we took advantage of the event to capture authentic images for the corporate imagery.


Style and maximum volume


But how do we convince most consumers, who are spoiled for choice when it comes to sauces, to try the new sauce in the supermarket, online and at a restaurant? In addition to the outstanding product, it’s the design in particular that’s going to wake people up. We translated the positive, extroverted attitude into a boisterous outfit that offered both lots of leeway and key constants. Two of these are style and maximum volume.


Spicy shopping for enthusiasts


The sauce got incredible feedback: 8 of 10 people were hooked after tasting it just once. People who get to know the sauce away from home also want it in their fridge. So we built a web shop which gets you to your goal in two clicks. Everyone who reaches the shop through search engines or online campaigns will find all the relevant information about Say Yes!. Check it out, baby!


Spread the word


The sales strategy aims to reach both decision makers in the food service sector, who are supposed to get the sauce into restaurants, and influencers in the food and chili sector, whose reach we want to exploit in order to raise awareness for the sauce. To this end we designed an attractive box of samples which was presented in person or delighted its recipient via a mailing.


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