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Arndt Benedikt

Cooking up a brand for elevated eats

The Aitme robot
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The Aitme robot

Case Study

Our Client

Tucking in at a 24/7 cafeteria

Cooked up by a Foodora founder, Aitme’s mission sounds like it’s from a sci-fi movie: To build fully automated kitchen units with robots that serve fresh food 24/7 to hungry employees at companies of any size (including SMEs) at the touch of a button. The units are simple to set up and the service is quicker, cheaper and tastier than a staffed kitchen. Aitme calls its concept ‘Elevated Eats’. Certainly a mouth-watering proposal.

The Challenge

Biting off just as much as we can chew

The shopping list for this project was a big one: With only a business idea and the ‘Elevated Eats’ concept, the founders wanted us to rustle up an on-point brand identity and positioning strategy, and season it with a professional corporate design system – with the aim of attracting investors, new employees and market interest. Oh, and one more key ingredient: We had to find a name for the firm.

Our Solution

Connoisseurs of corporate

After workshopping the concept with the founders, we settled on the brand’s essence: to disrupt corporate cafeteria services with a revolutionary automated solution combining cutting-edge tech with fresh food. After exploring various naming options, we settled on Aitme, which sends out a clear message – “eat me” – while retaining a technological edge in the form of ‘AI’, or artificial intelligence. This fed into the wider corporate design: The colour palette embraces a lush dark green as its primary tone and draws on various fruits and vegetables (mango, berry, aubergine) for secondary hues. The graphics mimic the contours of natural foods, yet also ape the dynamic motions of Aitme’s culinary robots. To highlight the high-tech character, we created a unique wordmark: the ‘A’ in ‘Aitme’ has a sweeping horizontal bar evoking everything from a robotic arm to a knife’s incision. A set of futuristic woodcut-style icons was the final pinch of seasoning. To set the professional, yet engaging identity in stone, we whipped up a tasty pitch deck, a hearty brand book and a meaty website, and created some initial advertising materials.

With its goal of having 100 kitchen robots cooking up premium grub around Europe by 2025, Aitme’s appetite for success is huge – and we’re glad to have a seat at the table.

the Aitme robot with ingredients for cooking food
The robotic chef
It’s a kind of magic.
Detail of Aitme robot cooking meal
Automated food preparation
On demand with fresh ingredients within minutes.
Aitme robot serving cooked food
The final result: a fresh bowl meal
Lunch is served.
Basic elements

An AI wordmark, a defined brand typeface, colorful badges, a cheerful robo-chef illustration and lively animations form the core elements of our branding.




Aitme UX/UI screens mockup
Aitme instagram stories mockup on phone screen
Brochure for Aitme
Beer coaster and togo cup mockups for Aitme


Shopping bag with Aitme logo print

Billboard with text and icons for Aitme

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